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Our signature product is the:

So, do it! Planner for Making Sh!t Happen

Everyone wants a planner that works the way they do. So I’ve given you choices.

The So, do it! Planner:

• Choose from 9 Cover Designs

• Undated

• 7.5” x 9.5” Spiral Bound (about the size of an iPad)

• 3 different Weekly layouts
:: 2 pages/week: open design
:: 2 pages/week: traditional schedule design
:: or 4 page weekly spread with unique “focus panels’

•  Choice of 2 lengths:

   :: Single Trimester (4 months/17 weeks)
:: Full Year

(a word about Trimesters vs Quarters. I’ve found that the lives of the women I work with seem to function in a more circular way – September – December; January- April; May-August… So, we’re revamping our calendars to fit our lives!) 

Each planner has:

• Numbered pages
• ANNUAL SO, DO IT! MATRIX for planning out your year
• BLANK (DOTTED) PAGES for Mapping out your year
• TRIMESTER CALENDAR starting on Monday, designed with NO GAPS between months. This allows you to focus on the Trimester as a whole.
• Each week is numbered with corresponding page numbers for i
• WEEKLY ACTION MATRIX facing the Trimester Calendar. This allows you to plan out your action items and then plug them into your schedule.
• Every WEEK is either a 2 or 4 page spread with space to take notes.  You choose the Weekly Spread design that works best for you.
• Weeks are numbered and correspond to Trimester Calendar
• MAKE SH!T HAPPEN section of dotted pages to take notes, make lists, mind map or do whatever you want.
• Finally, the last page is the IMPORTANT STUFF INDEX. Use this to create an index of where you’ve written down the things you want to refer to later…

• And it’s important to us as a Woman Owned Company, that our planners are printed by a Woman Owned Company in the US.  (learn more about why this is important at