Scenes from the Salon: Transformation

by Salon Member Susan Vagnoni Murphy

We all come from different backgrounds, are of different ages, have diverse occupations and varied ‘Its’ that we are working on. What we do have in common is trying to understand what has been hindering us from making our ‘Its’ a reality. This is where I witnessed real transformation in our third midday So, Do It! Salon session.

One member of our group seems to have come to such a positive place that she is drawing all this good energy toward her and opportunities are popping up all over. I see her moving into a period where she is embracing the many changes and flowing with the tide. She even found a wonderful position with a local arts-support organization.

Our youngest member of the salon came to a revelation this session. She thought she knew what direction she wanted to take with her ‘It’ but after our previous salons and the input from those around the table, she decided to look inside and share more of what is there with the world. She wants to begin blogging and this is not something she has done in the past.

Another inspiring salon member is doing some self-care and shared a poem by Reverend Safire Rose called “She Let Go.” I was very moved by the words and decided to take on ‘let go’ as my mantra words for 2018. As you can see, my partners in the salon are also transforming me.

I shared a part of a talk I had been to about chasing perfection, which often keeps us from moving forward. The speaker, and author of a book on the subject, Sue Hawkes, discussed how we CAN achieve excellence, but perfection is an unattainable goal that can lead to frustration and stress. In one of her comparisons she observes, “Perfection brings on fear. Excellence encourages risk.”

During our session, I truly saw the proverbial light bulb go off over everyone’s head. I look forward to our next session and hearing about the progress each member has made, and I am confident our support for each other will continue to grow as we move towards our individual goals.


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The Humane Marketer 2018

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