Money can be a barrier to many services.

We don’t want that to happen here.  So we’ve created a way to be accessible to everyone and, at the same time, to grow our movement.

Start by choosing the price that feels right using the following 3 criteria:

  • You need a solid commitment. Choose an amount that gives you enough “skin in the game” to create that commitment to yourself and to your “it.”
  • Don’t add extra stress. Choose an amount that is a bit of a stretch – but not a financial hardship.
  • Giving back. Choose an amount that will allow you and the So, do it! movement to flourish and grow together.

Notes: The process is seamless…

  • Only you know the price you choose.
  • Everyone receives that same level of services regardless of the price chosen.
  • If you choose to participate in another Salon, you can change your amount then.
I’m doing it!

Your subscription will begin immediately for the next 3 months. (If you made a deposit, that amount will be taken off the final month.)

Choose Your Price per month for 3 months

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