How to Get to the Schmidt Artist’s Lofts

Bottle House: 876 7th Street West, Saint Paul, MN 55102, USA

When you get here, we’ll probably be in the Bottle House (long low building) but on occasion we’ll be in the Brew House (big castle-like structure)

  • In the Bottle House, we’re normally in the Community Room just inside the main door #10.
  • Use any CALL BOX to be buzzed in — scroll to Pratt, Kelly and press CALL
  • Or call 701 200 5864 and we’ll come let you in.


  • Best entrance is the main door – #10 – the one at the metal staircase on Oneida (in between the two buildings)
  • We meet in the Community Room which you can see at that entrance
  • use the call box, scroll to PRATT, KELLY, hit the CALL button and we’ll buzz you in.

Brew House address 900 West 7th Street St. Paul

Schmidt Artists Lofts, Brew House. Doors # 1 or 9 off Webster or West 7th.


Almost all of the parking here is designated for residents. Please watch the signs. I’d hate for  anyone to get towed!
  • Street parking is always safe.
    • Webster-on the west side of the Brew House by the Keg + Case Market – walk across the courtyard to the Bottle House
      • Erie – on the EAST side of the Bottle House. Walk down the hill to door #14 – find the call box scroll to PRATT, KELLY and punch the CALL button.  You will be buzzed in.  
  • 90 Minutes spots opposite Bottle House door #10
    • You can also park in the 90-minute parking spaces opposite the main Bottle House door.

Here’s a link to Google Maps

Or, if you prefer verbal directions:

From the West via I-94:

  • I-94 East
  • Turn Right
  • Slight Right Turn onto AYD MILL ROAD
  • Keep Right on JEFFERSON AVENUE
  • Left at top of the Jefferson exit
  • Right onto ONEIDA (at the McDonalds)
  • Straight across West 7th into Parking Lot

From the East via I-94:

  • I-94 West
  • I-35-E South (watch signs to stay on 35E)
  • Exit 105 Toward SAINT CLAIR AVE
  • Left on SAINT CLAIR
  • Right on ONEIDA  – past McDonalds to
  • West 7th