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It was a day of Celebration!

The So, do it! Salons. You’ve been Seen. Safe. Supported.

Now We Celebrate!

We spent 13 weeks together – the length of trimester. You focused on your “it” – that thing you’ve been letting simmer on your back burner.

We moved it to the front burner, turned up the heat and you’ve paid attention to it for 13 weeks.

Now it’s time to celebrate your unique Creative Rhythm and to stand up and say:

“I did what I said I was going to do!”

(see gallery of photos by member Wendy Blomseth here)


Friday was a day to celebrate …

… tackling social media head on.

… creating sacred spaces and giving yourself time for yourself.

It was a day of thinking about numbers and the beauty they can create.

… and celebrating art for the sake of art – putting perfectionism in its place.

It was a day to step up and announce “I’m great at what I do, and others are willing to pay for it!” So do it!

And to remember simpler times and to capture the essence so we can remember it always.

It was a day to honor the stars on our bellies and show them off proudly.

And to do what we’re naturally good at and to always wear great hats!

Creative Women Crave Connection – we’re making sh!t happen!

So, do it! Salons start again in September.  More information on the Salons here or schedule a Curiosity Call with Kelly Pratt

Check out the short video of the evening below! photography and video by Wendy Blomseth Photography!


Scenes from the Salon: Purpose

by Salon Member Susan Vagnoni Murphy

You may notice there is a jump in the sequence of my articles on the So, Do it! Salon experience. It so happened that the week 5 Salon was held while I was at a training and so I could not attend. It was so evident to me that something was missing in my life that week and I am very excited to be back.

I am not only back, but I had the honor of facilitating our Midday Salon group.  Kelly Pratt, our gifted leader, was away at the Capitol City Women’s Expo in Columbia, South Carolina spreading the word on the So Do It Society. What makes that even more special is the fact that this awesome event came out of Sheri Bennefeld’s salon experience last fall.  Her IT became a reality in just 7 months! Go ladies!

Lucky for me, Kelly had a great topic to start out our April salons.  Our discussion focused on PURPOSE. What is our purpose? Are we staying true to it? Are we still trying to find it? What is getting in our way?

During our check-in, I discovered the members of my salon cohort were a busy bunch in the last few weeks.  They were preparing for the Art Crawl or the Salon Showcase.  One had a job interview and spent the time creating a detailed illustration visualizing how sticky issues can be approached.  Another member said she was not doing the writing she had planned for because she had the need to spend her time creating personal boundaries that would help her to move forward.

So in all that activity, where was the time to think about or be present in our own purpose? To help wrap our heads around this very big topic, I brought out Liv Lane’s beautiful book, Infinite Purpose. I had the pleasure of hearing Liv speak at a networking conference and was taken by her focus on living a better and more productive life when you are aligned with who you are and what you bring to this world.

In the book, Liv guides us in how to get closer to our own purpose and she ends each chapter with special “homework” to us get there. One of her assignments is to tell 5 people about your personal truths and your evolving dreams. Lucky for us, we have our salon group and that is exactly what we have been doing!

Our salon discussion turned to how hard it can be to say what you want and who you are in this world. We all agreed that the salon is a safe place of support and revelation. I shared that I actually felt I knew my purpose much more clearly as a child than I do now.  I am, however, rediscovering it. With the help of the salons, I feel that regaining my purpose will come much more quickly.

May you all live in your truest purpose and share that with the world.


Applications are now open for the Spring/Summer Salons: https://sodoitsociety.com/salons/

Link to Liv Lane’s Infinite Purpose: http://yourinfinitepurpose.com/

So, do it! Salons Photo by Jen Frieden

Loving Where You Live

I Love Where I Live.

And it’s so great to be noticed for making a difference… I love where I live – From the City of Saint Paul MN to the West 7th/Fort Road neighborhood of to the artist community of the Schmidt Artists Lofts… So I was really please when Jerry Rothstein wanted to write something about what we’re doing in the So, do it! Salons and Society this month…

And you can come join us for an open house at the Schmidt Artist Lofts on January 19th to find out more… In fact, one of the women we’re  shining a spotlight on at the Women Who Make sh!t Happen – So, Do it! Society Showcase that night, Joan Mathison, is all about LOVING WHERE YOU LIVE...   click here to find out more… see you on the 19th! 

The Community Reporter Header

West End Artist Profile: Kelly Pratt — So, do it!

by Jerry Rothstein

Kelly Pratt describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur” She has launched many enterprises, with a common So, do it! Salons Photo by Jen Friedenelement of somehow supporting creative effort. But the path was not always clear. Kelly started dance in fourth grade and continued to learn and perform for four years. Somehow, her dancing was set aside, until in one of her college courses she was asked to look at her life through the lens of psychological ideas.

At that point, she realized that she had stopped dancing — remembered the loss — regretted it. When she shared this with her professor, he said, simply, “So, do it!” She immediately joined a dance class, changed her major from business to dance, and a dancer in a dance company.

Over the next years, she had many jobs, all involving her creativity and supporting that of others. She was a theater director, a creative designer for a construction company, and director of production at the Minnesota Film and TV Board, and many more.

With more recent involvement in on-line publishing, Kelly realized that she had missed being part of a team. While studying to become a Life Coach, she began to think about how to create teams and groups that would combine individual work toward personal goals with the values of being part of a working community.

Thus was born her concept of the Salon. Salons in 17th and 18th century France and Italy were the first places that women could join or lead (as the “salonnière) in the discussion of ideas. Kelly’s Salon would bring women together for a common purpose, captured partly by the motto, “Creative Women Crave Connection.”

The first Salon was launched in February 2017, gathering with an inspiring salonnière for conversation and connection and allowing the time needed to fulfill these goals.

Kelly hoped for groups that would span a range of ages and interests, and her first three Salons now have done so. With a meeting every two weeks, she also wondered whether there was any way to stay connected electronically in the interims. Not expecting that the common social media sites would meet her criteria, she looked further and discovered the Mighty Network, an emerging and powerful tool or high-quality connection among people with shared interests (mightynetworks.com). The Might Networks offers online “membership communities” with tools for creating live meetings, and online communication. Kelly feels this is a service that allows her to use the internet in the spirit of its original idea — supporting real connection.

So, with the Salons and the connecting network, Kelly as Salonnière has created safe spaces for members to explore their key purpose — what they have been yearning to accomplish. The face-to-face meetings are primary, opening with each participant bringing the group up to date on their process and progress since the last meeting. Each meeting will also have a topic proposed by Kelly to focus discussion. A creative rhythm emerges as each member offers her perspective, and the topic is explored more and more deeply.

The meetings also often serve as “accountability” groups, where personal goals can be assessed, and support for individual progress is happily offered.

 for information on Salons and related events 


Summer Salons

It’s the end of July and you suddenly think…

“…OMG! Summer is almost over and I really wanted to _______ this summer!”

A summer salon is the answer. Just enough time to pay attention to something important.  You’ll get to the end of your summer having accomplished what you wanted to get done.

And you have enough time left to play and to get ready for fall.

You set aside 2 hours every week.  Your Salon meets every other Thursday. The in-between weeks are yours to use in a way that best suits you and you “it” –  work in community (co-working) or however you want to.

Your Choices:

Morning Salon 7:30 – 9:30 am

Noon Salon 11:30 – 1:30 pm

(Focus Time 1:30 – 3:30 pm)

Focus Time: Stay after your Salon for additional FOCUS TIME.

Plus the Thursday in between is set aside as an additional focused work day – either virtual, through the online Society,  or in-person.

This Trimester’s Salon dates are:

  • May 10
  • May 24
  • Jun 21
  • Jun 7
  • Jul 5
  • Jul 19
  • Aug 2 – Beyond the Salon Celebration with the other Salon Members (time tbd)

Click here for more details.