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Since launching the So, do it! Salons these women have DONE IT!   These women all came together to “so, do it!” “It” was not always about something for their business or even about something tangible. The “its” ranged from writing a book, to exploring an idea, to self care. The only requirement for an”it” […]

Doing things differently is our M.O.

I just hit PUBLISH on a very challenging page on my new website.*  This particular page has taken me a very long time to write.  and it’s taken a lot of input and encouragement from all of these amazing women. The page I’m talking about is about pricing and membership in the So, do it! […]

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It was a day of Celebration!

The So, do it! Salons. You’ve been Seen. Safe. Supported. Now We Celebrate! We spent 13 weeks together – the length of trimester. You focused on your “it” – that thing you’ve been letting simmer on your back burner. We moved it to the front burner, turned up the heat and you’ve paid attention to it […]