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It was a day of Celebration!

The So, do it! Salons. You’ve been Seen. Safe. Supported. Now We Celebrate! We spent 13 weeks together – the length of trimester. You focused on your “it” – that thing you’ve been letting simmer on your back burner. We moved it to the front burner, turned up the heat and you’ve paid attention to it […]

Scenes from the Salon: Courage

  by Salon Member Susan Vagnoni Murphy As serendipity would have it, our fourth So, Do It! Salon happened on International Women’s Day. I could not think of a better place to be for that occasion. It also occurred on the day after students all over the U.S. respectfully walked out to honor those who died […]

Scenes from the Salon: Transformation

by Salon Member Susan Vagnoni Murphy We all come from different backgrounds, are of different ages, have diverse occupations and varied ‘Its’ that we are working on. What we do have in common is trying to understand what has been hindering us from making our ‘Its’ a reality. This is where I witnessed real transformation in our third […]