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Confessions Of An Under-buyer

It starts with ‘just a t-shirt.’ next thing you know, you’re leaving a store with $300 of stuff! Money doula, AJ Frenzel, wants you to practice aggressive truth telling with yourself and decide where you want your money to go – before going to any store. Under-buyer or spender, thrifter or shopper, it’s all good. […]

“All The Feels” We are human magnets.

You’re working it. You’re hustling. You’ve got your nose to the grind stone, acting on your goals. So, why do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere any time soon? Have you asked yourself how you want to feel? True, feelings don’t pay bills! But, they are a type of fuel that does influence your […]

Plan with Intention

Planning? Planning sounds like a chore. You’re all about spontaneity, being in the moment! Or, maybe you don’t think you’re good at it, so why bother? But, maybe that “inner eye roll” of yours is misplaced. KELLY PRATT INVITES US TO EMBRACE OUR “BEGINNERS’ MINDS” TO DISCUSS HOW WE SPEND OUR TIME, WHAT INTENTIONAL PLANNING […]


Describe Yourself, Entrepreneur!

Host Lorie Marsh guides the conversation with Guest, Jentri Quinn In the gig economy, confidently describing yourself & what you’re about is an invaluable skill. Host, Lorie Marsh, invites beauty entrepreneur, Jentri Quinn of jentri quinn makeup + skin, to dive into an impromptu 2-word hero description (one adjective and one noun) for herself. In […]


Mind Mapping with member Amanda Lathrop

Does it feel like you have too many spinning plates? That you’re not keeping track of all of them? Is it easier for you to think visually than to sit-down-and-write-an-outlined-list? It might be time for you to experiment with mind mapping! Tap Into Your Ideas + To Do’s Using Mind Mapping, with Special Guest Amanda […]