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Creative Rhythm Planning

Design your live with intentional “Creative Rhythm Planning” Practices There are two things we know for sure: 1. Energy flows where your attention goes. 2. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real. (thank you Marie Forleo!) By using the concept of “planning with intention” we are making a conscious decision where our attention goes. By […]

Time doesn’t Fly.

But our attention does. We say that “time flies.” But time doesn’t know how to fly.  Time only knows one pace – it just flows at the only pace it knows. Day after day. What flies is our attention – from one thing to another. At a pace we’ve never seen before.  It takes more […]


On Being an Artist

I’m not a huge fan of labels. I’ve resisted them for the most part. But recently I was in a situation where I had to accept a label – even prove that I was worthy of it.  This was a stretch for me.  I wasn’t sure I believed it. But there are others who did. […]

This is a Day (Poem)

This is a day
 for contemplation and laughter
 for wearing hats and silly scarves
 for comfort and camaraderie
 for new friends and fabulous food.
 today I can be quiet, today I can embrace my inner muse today I shout to the rafters and giggle out loud
 this is a good joke, a day of acceptance.

The Bamboo Lesson

The story of the bamboo tree keeps appearing to me lately. And it is a perfect metaphor for life, for starting a business, for just about any endeavor. Personally it fits like a glove. In 2008 I began planting the seeds of my business as a coach and creative catalyst. Now many years later I’m […]