It’s a Delicate Dance

by Kelly Pratt

Julia Cameron says “ is a delicate dance knowing when to be stubborn in our knowing and when to open to input and others’ knowing.”

I’m like many other women in our society who try to do everything themselves, be all things to

all people – not asking for help or input… I’ve even been accused of trying to lead when dancing. Hard to believe, but true! haha.

Whether creating art, a business plan or dinner, we somehow feel that we must be perfect, STRONG, and all knowing…

But I’m learning, slowly, that Perfectionism can be a demanding partner – and can make for a lonely journey.  That much of the joy of life – exhilaration in fact – comes when you have the alchemy of two individuals combining to create something amazing.  And that there is a tremendous sense of relief when you have a cohort of trusted friends and colleagues to listen to, brainstorm with or (!!) give it over to!