My whole life I’ve been turning ideas into reality.

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I was born this way. A natural connector and creator from the minute I could talk. One of my first successful creations was a collaborative effort – an original play titled The Carrot Eating Dracula.” It had a short but profitable run to a sold-out house – well, the living room at least.  But it was the first in a long line of creative ventures. 

In my twenties my Psych prof wrote so do it on a paper and I did.  I walked across campus and in a matter of weeks I’d changed my major and was dancing with a company  something I kept doing for the next six years.

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Ideas kept coming to me.

Then I was asked to help lead the effort to make Minnesota the Hollywood of the North. What a great idea to bring some of their big studio dollars up north to beautiful Minnesota. It wasnt long before I sat across from the Coen brothers having a conversation over eggs and toast about why they named their latest project, “Fargo”  – my hometown.  With the help of a dedicated community, Minnesota became the 5th most popular feature film location in the country.

Call me a producer, call me a connector, call me a coach, I’m more interested in the results I get for you than my title. Drop me a line to see what results I can inspire in you.

Imagine how incredible it feels to finally see your idea come to life.

I know this experience well. I want you to have it too.


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Creative Rhythm Studio founder Kelly Pratt, creator of The Creative Rhythm Planner, is a “vibrant bohemian” coach and mentor who dives deep with her clients to get their passions and ideas into action and often into tangible products like art and books.

Kelly is passionate about helping aspiring artists, authors and teachers find the unique rhythm of their ideal life, amplify their impact on others, and be aligned with their most vibrant, creative selves.

Kelly has, whether on purpose or not, had the opportunity to reboot her career several times. In 2005 she looked at the sweet spot of her past careers and discovered she had a passion for developing tools to be in her best flow. Through her Creative Rhythm planning and ideal life journaling she got clear on wanting to be a Martha Beck coach and artist and has never looked back.

Kelly’s creative work has lead her to help produce many projects from their infancy. Her diverse background in film, performance and publishing has helped many people around the world turn their ideas into something concrete.

Kelly has been privileged to lead workshops and classes throughout the US on the topics of creativity and intentional living. Her planners have been in production for five years and shipped to more than 10 countries worldwide.

In her spare time, Kelly can be found chatting with fellow residents of her artist collective, painting or doodling in her newest notebook, or dancing to live, local music. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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