Describe Yourself, Entrepreneur!

Host Lorie Marsh guides the conversation with Guest, Jentri Quinn

In the gig economy, confidently describing yourself & what you’re about is an invaluable skill. Host, Lorie Marsh, invites beauty entrepreneur, Jentri Quinn of jentri quinn makeup + skin, to dive into an impromptu 2-word hero description (one adjective and one noun) for herself.

In a story of transformation, the hero is usually tripped up by a “tragic flaw.” What’s Jentri’s, and how has it affected her journey as an entrepreneur?

Jentri Quinn is the founder of jentri quinn makeup + skin, and has partnered with Alex Deandre Demola Serrato, founder of Cotone Clothing (cotone means “cotton” in italian), an Italian-infused clothing and accessories store based out of Austin, TX.

Lorie first met Jentri in the summer of 2005 when she producing an independent feature film in Austin and Jentri was head of the film’s makeup + hair department. Jentri is also a screenwriter and filmmaker.

Many artists and creative entrepreneurs work side hustles: part-time jobs, freelancing, adjunct teaching, and so on. Jentri got licensed as an aesthetician, and it wasn’t long before she was formulating her own products for her clients.

After meeting Alex, they officially launched her skincare and makeup lines several years ago and sell them from both their online and brick and mortar stores.

Join us for a discussion about defining yourself for yourself, even as your path seems to be going all over the place:

  • Why does Jentri describe herself as a “resilient hopeful?”
  • Are hope and belief different? What’s the difference between hope and optimism?
  • What is a strength of hers that informs her “tragic flaw?”

“no one can be the red cross by herself.” — jentri quinn

  • How does she handle rejection?
  • What are the components of an about sentence, and how can it help you with perspective?
  • What has Jentri learned about grit as she’s aged?

Empathy, kindness, and hopeful resilience are terrific strengths to nurture and celebrate. If one or more of these traits is out of balance, though, anybody might find herself undermining her own authority, enabling someone else’s continued poor choices, or nearly “drowning” herself trying to rescue others.

“Only with experience can you figure it out. Unless you go through it, there’s no way to know what your limits are. You can’t learn, you can’t grow without those experiences. It is bittersweet to go through them… But, i know i’m going to wake up every day and keep doing it anyways.” — Jentri Quinn

Despite the struggles of bootstrapping a retail startup, Jentri and Alex are committed to giving back to their community. She shares why this is a priority for them, and how they go about this without “breaking the bank.”

The discussion then opened up to the group, who shared observations about the power of words, balancing empathy, owning strengths, recognizing how and when they get out of balance, and the power of choosing an outlook that supports empowerment, not victimhood.

“You’re living the story you’re telling!” — kelly pratt

Resources that came up during the group discussion include:

  • Maia Community – a new growing, free, searchable guide to women-owned products and services, nationwide.
  • Impact Hub – impact hub msp provides tools to help take your purposeful work to the next level by connecting you to our community of entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, and nonprofit professionals.
  • So, do it! Society – a private online community for creative women who crave connection, collaboration, and learning
  • “The Style Statement” by Danielle Laporte – book (not an affiliate link) – an inspiring take on the power of style and authenticity. Style statement: a two-word compass that helps you make more confident choices in life — from your wardrobe to your relationships, your living room to your career plans.

What about you?

What two words form your hero description? Click here for a free 6-page pdf worksheet from host and Story Coach Lorie Marsh that will guide you.

What is your hero’s “tragic flaw,” and how is it affecting your goals and progress as an entrepreneur | freelancer | creative?

Does “extreme empathy” on your part ever trip you up?

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